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The free flight

The Paragliding is not necessarily an extreme sport, nor practice it is the prerogative of "superuomini" Indeed, it is absolutely within everyone!


All glider pilots are patented dall'AeroClub of Italy; tandem pilots have to bear further examination to achieve the appropriate patent. Many years of experience then ensure a high standard of safety.


The passenger does not require prior knowledge of details of flight nor physical quality.

Generally, during predecollo, there is a bit of anxiety and nervousness: things quite natural, given that no one knows exactly what will happen.

It is important to listen and follow the simple instructions of the pilot and flight… away!

Once off, feelings previous svaniranno and will be replaced by feelings of security and the means of freedom in being immersed in the new environment ethereal.


To book your flight just call or send an e-mail under section CONTACTS. They then set the place and time of meeting.


The duration of the flight depends on the weather conditions (such as presence more or less important than thermal activity), from the experience and skill of the pilot. The flight may last from 10 minutes to 5 hours.

For the baptism of generally 20 minutes are already a good stay in the air. The flight was carried out in thermal activity and unchanged share (profit and loss) and move into different areas.

The flight paragliding easily explained

:: The tandem flight ::


How many times will be happened in a quiet day to see someone up there at the top volteggiare in blue and realize the dream of oldest ....... Flying!

You certainly thought:
"Who knows what emotions protagonist is the one who pilot the aircraft, who knows what evidence ...."

We assure you that is the impressive number of people who want to fly and do not know or are afraid of it! You might, possibly, be one of them! I love to fly and I want all those who, like me, once thought of not having the opportunity to see how real the opportunity to be up there among the top live. " It did not name the sensation that you feel inside when you see something that is capable of bringing about a man in the sky is irresistible to a point where sooner or later you need to listen. If you like it or you went to mind the idea of flying free in the air, please! Wherever you are, there will certainly be a flight field not far from you. Search it! When you find there and six, including air fans and dell'ala silent, without hesitation ask you to take flight, you try this unique experience: someone surely will be willing to leave a "wake" in your being.

Who knows, maybe learn to be a pilot.
Then ..... Which aspects? You Fly!

:: What is paragliding? ::

A wing of particular colored fabric placed in a backpack that carries a shoulder and the same time a fascinating flying machine capable of giving unparalleled emotions. This is the paraglider, the more easy and fun to fly in total freedom and in total harmony with the environment. It is the easiest way to fly, it is within the reach of all. And it is half as ecological uses only the pilot and forces of nature.

Everything began in the French Alps in 1978. Fans acrobatics parachute and skis, better known as "Sky-divers" beginning to be tired of waiting for their planes and continually repeat the boring (but necessary) procedures packing of parachutes. So one day tried to take their parachutes and throw down the slopes of the mountains as were the birds. The new sport is propagò quickly at the entire community of climbers in the Alps.

Paragliding: so called because it allows you to get a fast mountain slope, but today there are those who call paraliante and is not given the wrong that has been evolving. Just think about how it is used today is half led to planar gently in calm air, with a sink close to 1 meter per second and progress between the 7 and 9 meters per second. This means that in the 1,000 meters in altitude (height difference between initial and final height) is able to walk about 8 kilometers as the crow flies. Yet managed by expert hands and with appropriate weather conditions, sailing for more than 8 hours often covering a distance of over 100 km.

:: The lift and how to detect ::

There are two types of ancestry: thermal ancestry and descent from the slope.

The thermal ancestry, also called thermal only, is due to the warming air in the vicinity of a soil warmed by the sun and the hot air naturally tends to rise and so it generates an ascent from the land concerned and ends to a certain share second well-defined rules.

The ancestry from the slope, also called dynamic is generated by a meteorological wind, breezes from the valley or open sea, this salt wind along the upper slopes following the conformation morphological ..

A particular ancestry from slope allows a type of flight said delfinato. It is made possible by a special shape of the top of some mountains, which allows to proceed in a linear manner without loss of altitude.

The current ascensionali are reported by cumulus clouds cumuliformi those typical of the low atmospheric pressure, or just mentioned phenomena like a halo above the area of ancestry.

Pilots experts know and manage know if these atmospheric phenomena them to be able to stay in and cover tunes, if you like, long distances.

:: How do you manage to stay in flight ::

The glider is subject to the law of gravity: in conditions of calm conditions can only get off with a flat rate of fall of about 1 meter per second. The conditions of heat or dynamic, if properly exploited, allow you to keep the glider in the air for as long as you want. In order to find a just ascent (thermal) or wind dynamic, "enter" and remain within the ascent to power climb along the hot air or wind of momentum.

It can be said that while the motor glider is the weight of the pilot, the current ascensionali and the dynamics of wind are the fuel.

:: The flight distance ::

Exploiting in a timely manner the conditions of thermal activity, reached an altitude deemed sufficient to accomplish a given distance, the pilot, if the wind conditions permit, may decide to move to a new place on another area of the mountain that is over or where a new mountain comes naturally to a lower altitude. To move again simply repeat the operation was to search for a new ascent (thermal) to regain share and share toward a new goal.

The feeling of satisfaction that you live has no equal, belongs to the strong emotions, coincides with the total detachment from the world and allow land to live fully the third dimension. Movements in the third dimension offer a different perception of itself to the point that remain in the mind for the next day and are a happy memory of the experience, although still new for some has become common and consolidated over time. Whatever the motivation, fly safely, and for long distances with the glider is a dream that has become a reality even though few at the moment, have experienced this wonderful opportunity.

:: The flight tandem ::

To test the rapture of flight is well rely to a tandem pilot who make this first experience as natural and simple as possible. The passenger must only follow these simple steps in the pilot and then leave the pilot manages all phases of flight.

:: Rules for Safety ::

The first question that a passenger ready to fly in tandem arises is addressed to its security. Remain surprised and puzzled in having to hook lines so thin that seems impossible can support the weight of two people. The Kevlar, the material in which the lines are made, it can withstand enormous loads; a single line of 1 mm in diameter can support 100 kg.

Another cause for anxiety is the uncertainty, and for the first experience that is more natural, on the conductivity of the medium. It is typical whether the paraglider always takes the direction of who governs or perhaps in situations of turbulence is what it seems.

Well, a dozen years ago, the stories of the early pioneers of flight paraglider invogliarono anyone, and because knowledge of the medium were scarce and felt phrases like "He closed the wing, I do not know why… I lost a little 'meters, I can not understand what has happened… "and because the materials, studies alongside of this medium and its construction techniques were poor.

Today it is no longer so. The theory and practice of building and flying understanding of this medium, and weather conditions that influence has become well known. There are theoretical and practical courses taught by qualified instructors, and only after having passed a theoretical and practical examination recognized nationally by National Club is released, this same institution, a certificate of fitness for flight.

Contrary to a long time ago is no longer sent into the air and there provare.Ora there are people prepared and attentive teachers as off, and lead a glider landing and the practice occurs on takeoffs and landings maximum security.

The sails are now in different classes approved by entities recognized and severe.

The sails standards are the most suitable for newly patented pilots, the sails performance is recommended for those who prefer a greater security at the expense of high-performance, and the sails competition are chosen by pilots who love to compete and therefore prefer high performance but require a large technical expertise.

Who flies not on the advance courses and passing exams set and uses a sail not suited to their experience really puts at risk their own safety.

:: The single glider flight ::

Flying alone paragliding is not, however, for everyone. We were created to walk, run, jump, not to fly. Flying paragliding seems easy at the end but hidden pitfalls and psychological assessment: sometimes underestimate the reactions of a thermal (ascending air current) or supported generous wind conditions or weather events that still may presage a storm while in other cases it is thought to be capable of addressing any event without taking into account instead of their emotional reactions in the face of difficulties to be resolved sometimes in a very short time.

The truth is that the glider is made for those who acknowledge and accept their limitations and not too tends to challenge themselves and the factors which could too close to the sun as he did Icarus with the well-known consequences.

:: Deciding to fly ::

Before deciding if this sport you fitting, let them lead by an instructor expert and ask him or her to steer the glider using the commands together. Note especially that every single or tandem flight will be an important opportunity for you to learn something and enjoy the various aspects of nature and not only to taste the emotions that authorization. It is also a way to put to the test in an environment that is not the usual everyday life.

:: Questions and answers relating to the flight and paragliding ::

And this is the most common questions and answers. If there are specific questions can be sent to the e-mail stated in section CONTACTS. It will be sent as soon as the answer.

What is the free flight in Paragliding? One could say that the glider is a large kite can hold the weight of a person-its pilot - who directs. As the kite, the glider is built with a particular material and lines that link to the glider pilot are kevlar high resistance.

In flight, the glider presents an aerodynamic shape that allows to stay in the air so stable and allows a simple steering. The pilot commanding sailing through those two handles brakes kept one in his right hand and one in the left. The pilot is sitting in a particular seat harness that and supported by sailing through a beam lines hooked yourself in through carabiners. The controls allow the pilot to fly the glider variandone the direction, speed and, if necessary (under limited circumstances) the conformation. In any case, the choice of direction and speed is limited by weather conditions present during flight. To this one might say that flying is like paragliding really do surf on the winds.

Why fly paragliding? Why is funny. Why fly offers unique feelings and emotions and never lived before.

A paraglider is equal to a parachute? No. The Paragliding is similar to modern directional parachute used for skydiving.

There are some important differences: the paratrooper launches from an aircraft already in flight and open the parachute when it is already in the air, the pilot of the glider taking off from a slope through a short flight and the pilot when it is in the air wing is already open.

For this mode paragliding is not subject to the "drouge" 'chute, also known as "sliders", that is a shock and tissue lines due to the opening dell'ala high speed, and this involves a building other than the parachutes, for example paragliding has more 'cells input air, a very aerodynamic shape that leads to a wing more elongated and thin lines and more subtle.

From where he takes off? And where it lands? Many think that the glider pilot will throw down a few mountain (read precipice). It is not so. The pilot made a real takeoff. It normally takes off from a hill or mountain slope, plain and can be towed off. For takeoff requires two elements: a building with its aerodynamic shape, and speed off properly. The running speed is achieved. The inflation dell'ala obtained with the race allows her to take her appearance aerodynamic and therefore generate lift, physical phenomenon that allows all'ala and the pilot to break away from the ground and fly.

It is dangerous? Flying paragliding can be dangerous exactly the same way as any other form of sport. It should be noted that the flight paragliding can be and should be practiced safely. Paragliders themselves are now certified with strict safety criteria by Competent Authorities International.

For paragliders approved and used correctly or within the safety limits set, accidents caused by structural failure or defects are fortunately in the past. In any case, in extremis to exit from serious situations generated by the pilot or weather conditions the pilotipossono use a parachute this emergency inside (whose seat is sitting on the pilot) and is required by law.

In addition, education has been standardized nationally and internationally, and today the majority of the neophytes learn under the guidance of certified instructors, following a comprehensive program of education and graduated. It follows that we now see very few "drivers" trained not trying to fly through unsafe or not suited their ability and hazardous sites.

"Errare humanum est", so many mistakes are forgiven pilot and resolved by today's sails.

"Sed persevere diabolicum" aviation and so does not forgive easily. The final statistics (American) says that about 10,000 drivers involved in any year from 5 to 10 will have a fatal accident, while about 100 will go to the meeting to a less serious incident. Finally, the majority of pilots flying for their entire career without encountering accidents.

Where you fly? All over the world. Throughout Italy, from any place that meets safety standards for takeoff, flight and landing. There are places specifically qualified for the flight paragliding.

How off? There are two methods for takeoff: Lead, used mainly in the plain, or slope and the mountain or hill will present different.

As you climb and how much distance you can walk? The height and distance depend substantially on meteorological conditions present at the time of the flight and the skill of the pilot. In any case the glider flying in the lower stratosphere, however, the atmosphere called up about 4,000 meters. As for the distance, even if the world record is now measured in hundreds of miles, most drivers will not move very far from the points of departure. Typical distances have been running about ten kilometers.

How long a flight? It is very difficult to dirlo.Puo vary from 5 minutes to 5 hours and beyond, which depends on the weather, the season, and the place chosen by the pilot's skill. However, in general, harder flight, the pilot remains satisfied.

Can anyone do? The tandem flight can be done by anyone who has the desire. The single flight can be done by anyone as long to follow a Corsican education proposed by a competent instructor and (better yet) certificate .. There is a predisposition or physical preparation detail and preparation technique is achieved by flying, flying and flying and following the advice of older people. Recently, in Italy as well as abroad, were held successfully flight courses for people with physical handicaps. It ensures that the emotions of flight are unique, and never forget once tasted.

As you begin? You should always start under the guidance of a competent and qualified instructor. The Corsican education not be particularly long and consists of theoretical and practical lessons. The approach is gradual and controlled. The first phase consists of taking confidence with the equipment. It begins with learning to control inflation usually sailing on a flat area, after which the first start gradually pull from the earth: 1 meters, 2 meters, 5 meters high by a flight distance of about 20 meters. Then start the first intermediate flights, the first real flights. Later, in the prophetic words of Leonardo da Vinci: once you have known the flight, camminerete on earth watching the sky because you were there and want to return there "

It is expensive? A Corsican flight paragliding, until completion of the tests dell'AeroClubd'Italia and consequent release of the patent, can cost from 1,000 to 1,500 euros, and usually includes the use of equipment throughout the Corsican.

How much does the equipment? It is difficult to answer as it would be difficult to answer the question "what is a car?" It depends on the brand, performance, by the concessionaire ... At first, many buy all the equipment second-hand. Anyway to give anyway an idea, a new good + paragliding harness good brand coast between 2,500 and 3,000 euros. What does it take to start? Only the will.

Who to contact for obtaining patents? If you decide to draw near to this discipline, entrusted exclusively to a school recognized and certified by National Club of Italy (AeCi). Look for a school where an instructor who are not afraid to show their badge issued by AeCi not afraid and not let scruples. If an instructor is not true if they will have a male and not feel offended by your request, but will be proud to satisfy your request. It is not easy to become instructors for the commitment and the sacrifices to do and who we can certainly is gratified by your request. It is important to contact instructors True improvised and not those who represent a threat to you and the Free Flight, which all too often is the cost in terms of credibility for the reckless actions of someone.

At this point you have before you the ideal structure, a school and a certified instructor. Trusted dell'istruttore; are professionals who bring you the world of flight gently without you run any risk with his teachings you will gradually hand for the flight to love and enjoy the incredible feelings and wonders. Rispettalo always for what he says and who teaches, know that he has seen many and certainly knows what is best for you and your fellow Corsican. Sometimes you can be a little abrupt not you take part of his job. What you get in return is priceless and not otherwise obtainable.

:: A different weekend ::

You can organize the weekend with overnight accommodation in a bed & breakfast (only 20 euros) and flight PARAGLIDING TANDEM as passenger.

The tandem flight (tandem) is the easiest way, funny and ecological that there is to enjoy the wonders of the sky. No engines, no noise, no pollution, you only air, sailing and your pilot.

How do: fly in tandem is simple: there is no need no permit and no certificate if you are of age, otherwise you must have the written consent of their parents. Need desire, curiosity and enthusiasm.

When: Weather permitting, the biposti take place on Saturdays and Sundays or other holidays by appointment on Friday evening telephone or e-mail.

Booking a flight: The flight booking sets out a meeting place and time, it comes off in the car, there is a security briefing and predecollo which all give explanations necessary for a smooth take-off, it makes a small race along a slope (usually just 2 steps) and, without even realizing, here you are floating in air (as in chairlift, indeed, much better!), the total duration (Stage Pre-flight, flight after flight) can vary from 1 to 2 hours, depending on weather conditions and any special needs.

Clothing: For a greater adherence to the ground at the time of takeoff and landing is preferable wear scarponcini mountain is then shown a jacket or anti slopes, long pants and possibly (cold periods), a sweater.



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