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Welcome to the club of flight

Greetings from Emanuele from the province of Treviso, ITALY.

This site is intended to give an opportunity to all those who want to experience the joy of free flight, hover in how eagles and see planes striking views as those in the photos taken by me in the air and in my photo album.

The easiest way to start is to make as passenger, a flight PARAGLIDING BIPOSTO with a pilot in possession of certificate of free flight and insurance RCT in order to enjoy security in a unique about half, funny and ecological no engine, no noise except the air that touches you, no pollution because for the flight will take advantage of air currents ascensionali only you, the air, your pilot and many emotions.

If after the rapture of the first flight "walk on the ground with eyes always turned to the sky because it is there that brami to return there and the world becomes smaller and you can dominate with our eyes" (Leonardo da Vinci), we can decide to do a test with an instructor who will lead gradually leaving the ground and entry flight (test campetti).

Finding yourself in the spirit of adventure and try… The intense emotions it?

You can spend Saturdays and Sundays in the beautiful foothills, near Bassano del Grappa and their Monte Grappa, alloggiando in bed & breakfasts and flying on these places after the tandem paragliding Club FLYPARA.

From, special weather conditions, one can admire the Venice lagoon on one side and the Alps on the other.

You can organize everything by phone or e-mail shown under CONTACT.

Take a look...


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The club FLYPARA is a paragliding in Veneto and whose goal is the promotion and dissemination of flight paraglider.

The flights allow tandem to know this fascinating sport at all. The inscription, as a shareholder advocate, entitles holders to participate in sports and recreation of the association and includes a tandem flight as a passenger or a gift certificate for a tandem flight.

A special and unique gift for every occasion. Give emotion! Give good.

The order is given a good contribution to the paragliding FLYPARA and membership supporter for the year in which the order is executed.

Payment is made through bank transfer.

The voucher is valid for 1 year from date of issue and shall be sent by priority mail. The beneficiary can call at any time and book his flight when desired.

The voucher is not transferable or refundable


The tourist flights in PARAGLIDING are made on some parts of the foothills; those proposed here provide takeoff from Campocroce (1.050mt), or by Cima Grappa (1.500mt) with landing (200mt) Semonzo del Grappa, a village near Bassano del Grappa ( Vicenza).

The view is unique: on the one hand, plain and the hills on the horizon and Euganei Berici and, in special cases, the Venice lagoon, foothills with the marvels of Grappa and unique view on Pre - and the Alps.


Joining is easy, serving desire, curiosity and enthusiasm, there is no need no permit and no certificate if you are of age, otherwise you must have the written consent of their parents.


Weather permitting, the biposti take place on Saturdays and Sundays or other holidays by appointment on Friday evening telephone or e-mail.


In flight booking sets out a meeting place and time, it comes off in the car, there is a security briefing and predecollo which all give explanations necessary for a smooth take-off, is a small race along a slope (usually just 2 steps) and, without even realizing, here you are floating in air (as in chairlift, indeed, much better!), the total duration (Stage Pre-flight, flight after flight) can vary from 1 at 2 hours, depending on weather conditions and any special needs.


For greater adherence to the ground at the time of takeoff and landing is preferable wear scarponcini mountain is then shown a jacket or anti slopes, long pants and possibly (cold periods), a sweater.


To fly must sign up at the Club FLYPARA which includes the baptism of flying in tandem. The cost of membership is Euro 70.00 per person.



Telephon mobile: 0039 348 322 15 91



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